About us

Medsource Surgical Solutions is a Houston Based organization committed to improving a hospital's surgical equipment through the implementation of our Instrument Management Program. This unique program, which viewed by our hospitals as a benchmark for this industry, differs from our competitors in that we strive to reduce repair and replacement costs, not only through competitive pricing, but also by offering unique services that solve problems. By working together with the hospital, our goal is to positively contribute to patient safety and physician satisfaction while greatly reducing instrument repair expenditures.

Over the past sixteen years our experienced technicians have repaired tens of thousands of instruments from every major surgical specialty and are trained specifically trained to identify common causes of instrument damage.

Medsource will save your facility time and money by pro-actively assisting in managing your repair maintenance. We start by taking an inventory of your instrument trays and input from your coordinators to create a customized program that fits your facilities specific needs and budget. Combined with our on site service and Houston repair lab this assures your valuable assets are returned to service quickly while providing the highest quality.

Medsource can give you a valuable peace of mind by providing courtesy service loaners which include Flexible and Rigid Endoscopes, Powered Instruments, Optical Hand-pieces, and Video Equipment.

Our main focus isn't to repair your broken instrumentation but to become a partner in preventing damage from occurring. Utilizing repair data from your facility Medsource provides instrument specific solutions designed to pro actively find those trends and train your staff on preventive maintenance and repair greatly reducing repair expenditures.

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