Power Equipment Repairs

Whether you’re in need of simple repair or a full overhaul, our expert staff of highly-trained technicians will comprehensively inspect, evaluate and can refurbish or fully repair your power tools to keep them running smoothly, saving you thousands of dollars.

Ensure Peak Performance

Our comprehensive power tools inspection and performance test follows a six-point inspection protocol performed on all tools we repair.

  • Speed test
  • Torque/Power test
  • Seal test
  • Heat test
  • Vibration test
  • Locking mechanism test

Complete Repair and Preventative Maintenance

We specialize in power equipment and accessories by all major manufacturers, including:  Zimmer® Hall® 3M® Stryker® MicroAire® Midas Rex® Synthes®, and many more. Whether you use battery, electrical, or pneumatic equipment, we work to quickly to fully restore the functionality of your tools and accessories.

Phaco Handpiece

When it comes to Phaco handpieces, we are committed to providing unparalleled service. Upon receipt, our technicians initiate our 11-point diagnostic process that begins with complete instrument disassembly. All old components are replaced with new ones, and the shell housing and remaining transducer components are ultrasonically cleaned. From all new connectors, cables, piezoelectric ceramics, electrodes, wires, insulation and seals – to its final autoclave test after full reassembly – you can be assured that any Phaco handpiece repaired or refurbished by Medsource Surgical Solutions will meet or exceed the manufacturer's specifications.
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3M® A200/A300 Minos™ Air Drills Hall® Micro 100™ Series
Burr Guards/Angle Attachments Stryker® Micro Drills
Hall® Surgairtome Two® Stryker® Command 2 Series
Microaire® 1000/2000 Pneumatic  Series Hall® Osteon System
3M® Mini-Driver Air & Attachments 3M® Maxi-Driver Air & Attachments
Stryker® Cordless Driver/Cordless Driver 2 & Attachments Microaire® 1000/2000 Pneumatic Series
Stryker® System 4/System5 & Attachments Depuy®  Small Orthopedic System
Stryker® Universal Driver & Attachments Synthes®  Air Drills
Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Drill & Attachments Hall® Series 3 & 4
Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Saws Hall® Micro 100™ Series
Stryker® 2000 Series Stryker® Universal Driver & Attachments
Hall® Micro100™ Series Hall® Surgairtome Two®
Stryker® Universal Driver & Attachments Stryker® Micro Drills
Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Drill & Attachments Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Saws
Microaire® Small Orthopedic System Stryker® Universal Drill and Attachments
Zimmer® (Hall®) Air Dermatome Padgett® Electro-Dermatome
Hall® Wiredriver 100 Stryker® Micro Drills
Hall® Micro 100™ Series Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Saws
Stryker® Universal Driver & Attachments 3M® Mini-Driver Air & Attachments
Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Drill & Attachments 3M® Microdriver Series
Microaire® Smart Driver Pneumatic Series
Anspach® Pneumatic Systems Midas Rex® Pneumatic Systems
Stryker® Universal Driver & Attachments Stryker® TPS/C.O.R.E Micro Saws
Hall® Ototome System
Sarns® Sternal Saw Stryker® 2000 Sternum Saw
Hall® Sternum Saw  Stryker® Sys 4/Sys 4 Recip/Sternum Saw
Synthes® Air Drills 3M® Mini-Driver Air & Attachments
Hall® Series 3 & 4Trauma Drill  Microaire® Smart Driver Pneumatic Series
Air Hoses–all types Nitrogen Regulators
Extension Hoses Stryker® Command & TPS Power Cords
Stryker® Battery Pack’s