According to AAMI ST91, healthcare facilities should establish a comprehensive quality assurance and safety program to monitor all aspects of endoscope pro- cessing. This program should incorporate both visual inspections and testing of the equipment to identify conditions that may affect the cleaning or disin- fecting processes.
Visual inspection alone may not be sufficient for assessing the efficacy of cleaning processes. Use of enhanced visualization methods, including inspection with a borescope, such as the ( Insight Mobile Borescope), is being incorporated into current standards and recommendations.
Visual inspection of the equipment should include the following:
• Residual organic soil
• Cracks and other damage to the device
• Integrity of the biopsy channel
• Use of magnification
Medsource Surgical Solutions to comply with ST91  Enhanced Visual Inspection:
• The Flexible Inspection Scope (Insight borescope) is a type of video borescope that includes a distal tip composed of a light source and camera lens at the end of a 1800mm flexible shaft. Designed by infection control professionals the Insight borescope processor powers two size borescopes for flexibility of use. Our small diameter borescope for smaller 1mm x 1000mm channels such as ureteroscopes or pedibronchoscopes. The most commonly used is our 1.65mm x 1800mm borescope. The Insight Borescope allows for visualization of any potentially soiled instrument including the instrument channel of flexible endoscopes.
• Therefore, the (Insight Borescope) is a useful tool for inspection of flexible endoscopes, arthroscopy routers, shavers, reamers, flexible endoscopes and other lumened devices that complies with AAMI ST91 and the AORN guidance. Use of the Mobile Insight borescope provides the end-user a simple verification test to inspect the instrument suction channel, channel openings, distal tip, forceps elevator recess on endoscopes and the internal lumens on other medical devices to determine if there are any signs of damage or retained debris combined with the convenience of a rolling stand and completely wireless eliminating the need to take down every scope from your sterile cabinet for routine inspections or having staff go back and forth to a designated inspection area when space is always a problem. They can now use the (Insight Borescope) right next to their work station to inspect, record video, take pictures and document.